Unable to open Plesk control panel login in Firefox-Problemi sa prikazivanjem Plesk management stranice u Firefox
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To login to Plesk control page in Firefox please use the following steps:

1. Enter your domain name in the Firefox web browser.The control panel works on port 8443 with https so you need to enter the URL like this:
(Replace your_domain_name with your domain name)
2. You will get the warning Page saying "The connection is Untrusted" Click on "I Understand the Risks" and "Add Exception".
3. A certificate page will be pop up on your screen. Click on "Get Certificate" and Click on "Confirm Security Exceptions".
4. Once you confirm the "Security Exception" the "Plesk login page" will be opened on your Firefox web browser.


Problem: Nakon instalacije Mozilla Firefox Plesk management interfejs se ne prikazuje.
Software: Mozilla Firefox
Uzrok problema: Certifikat nije izdan od strane Trusted CA, Firefox promijenio nacin importovanja certifikata

Rjesenje problema:
1. Otvorite Mozilla Firefox i otvorite https://vasadomena:8443
2. Dobit cete Warning stranicu "This Connection is Untrusted", kliknite na "I Understand the Risks" pa na "Add Exception".
3. U otvorenom prozoru odaberite "Get Certificate", ukljucite opciju "Permanently store this exception" i "Confirm Security Exceptions".
4. Nakon sto potvrdite "Security exception" moci cete pristupiti Plesk login prozoru.

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